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1003, 2017

New cast for The Stranger

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Dominic Cari Two new scenes have been added to the film to help develop the personality of our main character and 2 new actors have agreed to participate. The first is Dominic Anglim, a stand-up comedian and actor from Dublin, Ireland.The second is Caridad Arranz, a Spanish painter and designer and someone who has worked on major Spanish film productions like "Ocho Apellidos Vascos". We're excited to have these 2 new editions to our film!

903, 2017

Buckenmeyer Pictures is Born

By | marzo 9th, 2017|Films|0 Comments

In 2014 at the ripe old age of 39 I participated in one of my friend's first short film, I Should Have Kissed You in Ankara. It was just mostly my voice playing the role of Vincent, an action short where the action happens in the imagination of the viewer as we hear some battle sounds and the interaction between the base and the soldier. This was my first little acting experience and it was great fun. The poster I designed for the film, Every Next Day In the latter half of 2015 this same friend started [...]