Buckenmeyer Pictures is Born

//Buckenmeyer Pictures is Born

In 2014 at the ripe old age of 39 I participated in one of my friend’s first short film, I Should Have Kissed You in Ankara. It was just mostly my voice playing the role of Vincent, an action short where the action happens in the imagination of the viewer as we hear some battle sounds and the interaction between the base and the soldier. This was my first little acting experience and it was great fun.

The poster I designed for the film, Every Next Day

In the latter half of 2015 this same friend started work on another film, Every Next Day. This time I got another chance to play a small role with 2 scenes in the film. I can be terribly shy and I would get really nervous but I managed to do my role just fine. I spent a lot of time helping out with the film taking pictures on set and other things including designing the movie poster for the film. I really loved this experience and it got me thinking that maybe I should try to do something myself.

I have always loved film and loved to collect DVDs. When I was younger and before they were so cheap and accessible I bought a video camera to try to do something with it, but I never did. Coming up with a story wasn’t something I felt capable of doing and I simply didn’t know how to get started.

Shortly after working on that second film one of my other friends showed me some video bloggers on YouTube. That got me interested so I thought I would try it. I started making some vlogs about positive thinking relating things with some of my daily life mixed in. Shortly after we spent a 3 month vacation visiting the US and all the vlogs became about that experience. While my friends all thought the vlogs were really good, it has been a total failure in getting other people interested. Due to the 5-8 hours it takes to make each one I couldn’t keep it up.

After some time I also got a bit tired of always doing the same type of video and I kept thinking that I want to make a film. Walking through Central Park in New York I thought, what would happen if there was a woman who kept seeing the same man all over the park? What would be the reason? How would she react? There in that moment my first short film, The Stranger, was born.

I made up a little script (that has greatly evolved since) and recruited my cousin (who has previous theatre experience), wife and 2 friends for the other roles. We have been filming roughly one day per week for the past 2 months as everybody’s schedule allows.


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